EcoBooster Phoska Development Trial – Bowen, QLD

EcoBooster Phoska Development Trial

Tomatoes in Bowen Qld On Heavy Black Soil


The results show the effectiveness of using a compost/synthetic fertiliser blend on a nutrient-hungry crop with no negative impacts on the plants.

Control Plot

The original base fertiliser was a sulphate based custom blend that provided 140N : 102P : 100K : 113S when applied at 1000kg/ha.

Overall the farmer was applying 300kg/ha of nitrogen, 110kg/ha of Phosphorus, 440kg/ha of Potassium and 150kg/ha of Sulphur through the growing cycle just to maintain the plants nutrient requirements.

To maintain plant nutrient requirements, throughout the growing season the farmer applied:

  • 300kg/ha of nitrogen
  • 110kg/ha of Phosphorus
  • 440kg/ha of Potassium
  • 150kg/ha of Sulphur


EcoBooster Phoska Trial Plot

The compost-synthetic blend reduced the synthetic base fertiliser to 700kg/ha and 300kg/ha and added 300kg/ha of QLD Organics compost pellets. The resulting blend provided a total of 110N : 77P : 77K : 80S.

Throughout the crop cycle the farmer applied:

  • 200kg/ha of Nitrogen
  • 80kg/ha of phosphorus
  • 250kg/ha of Potassium
  • 115kg/ha of Sulphur


Soil & Sap Tests

Soil and sap tests were taken three weeks after planting. Fertiliser on both areas was applied 7 weeks before testing when the plastic was laid. The results show there was a benefit to using this compost/synthetic fertiliser.


First Sap & Quicksoil Sample Comparisons of Synthetic Fertiliser Only Plot v EcoBooster Phoska Development Product


Despite the lower base nitrogen application in the trial plot using the compost/synthetic fertiliser program, nitrogen levels in the soil are significantly higher. This shows that the Nitrifying bacteria are doing the intended job of making up for the reduced base nitrogen application and seemed to make available a larger amount of nitrogen for much longer time than the synthetic fertiliser alone.

The phosphorus levels in the sap were almost identical despite 25kg/ha less phosphorus being applied. This also indicates the beneficial bacteria were responsible for the additional phosphorous.

This early sap and soil results from the Tomato crops on Heavy, high CEC and PBI soils provide the confidence that while applying less overall NPKS, there should be little negative impact on nutrient availability due to the increased efficacy of EcoBooster Phoska development product.


Trial Notes

  • The development of EcoBooster Phoska is the joint effort between Qld Organics and Plant Nutrition Australia to produce a blend of synthetic fertiliser and compost to suit the requirements of Australia’s Banana and tomato industries.
  • The resulting blend has lower levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on paper than that of Nitrophoska Special however with the nitrifying and phosphorus releasing bacteria in the compost compensated for this difference.
  • The lower levels of applied nitrogen and phosphorus did not negatively effect the crop.
  • The lower levels of applied nitrogen and phosphorus will help the farmer reduce the two nutrients being targeted by regulations.
  • Nutrient efficiency and soil health improvements are possible from this blend, which in turn can lead to better plant health and disease resilience over time.
  • The extruded compost pellet holds together well reducing dust formation. It breaks down quickly once wet becoming part of the soil.
  • The size and shape of the compost pellet allows it to run through most standard fertiliser boxes. Fertiliser boxes will require a standard calibration to ensure correct application rates.
  • The synthetic fertiliser and the compost pellets are a similar mass so there should be little separation during the application process ensuring an even application to the crop.
  • EcoBooster Phoska is applied at the same rate and using the same application method of standard broadcast fertilisers. This enables farmers to easily try different nutrition practices to improve their farm condition and to meet rigorous environmental standards in the Reef Catchment areas.

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