EcoBooster - the right choice for farmers who need to meet sustainability goals and audits.

EcoBooster Helps You Meet Reef & Sustainability Goals

  • Up to 40% less synthetic fertiliser used per application.
  • Increases soil carbon.
  • Increases water retention.
  • Decreases fertiliser run-off.
  • Helps growers meet rigorous environmental standards.
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Soil Transitioning & Conditioning

EcoBooster is the easiest way for growers to transition from a fully-synthetic nutrient program to a more sustainable, generational program. Growers are using the same application rates and same implements.

  • EcoBooster uses carbon and beneficial soil microbes to help growers transition to a more sustainable plant nutrition program.
  • EcoBooster enhances long-term soil health and plant resilience
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Easier Than Making Or Using Traditional Compost

If you are currently using compost to enhance your soil and plant nutrition program, EcoBooster is the obvious choice of fertiliser for you.

Reduce Input Costs
  • One-shot application allows you to reap the benefits of compost and synthetic NPK at the same time.
  • Fewer passes in your fields reducing soil compaction and machine running costs.
  • Reduces driver hours by combining compost and fertiliser applications into one job.
  • Nitrifying and phosphorous releasing bacteria enables you to achieve similar plant nutrient availability levels with less synthetic fertiliser.
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Good For Salt-Affected Soils

EcoBooster uses chloride-free potassium. This makes it an ideal fertiliser choice for salt-affected soils or for chloride-sensitive crops.

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