Bundaberg Sugar Cane Trial – Nov 22

EcoBooster Phoska Surgar Cane Trial

Bundaberg canegrower and contract planter, Dean Cayley, trialed EcoBooster Phoska as base fert applied when planting in November 2022.

To the left you can see Norm Baulch filling the fert box of the two row, HBM Cane Billet Planter and a photo of the fertiliser.

EcoBooster Phoska is a one-shot, blend of microbe-rich, composted chicken manure and synthetic NPK. It lets farmers achieve the same yields as an all-synthetic fertiliser while improving soil health and decreasing synthetic fertiliser usage.

EcoBooster contains 7-3-13 of synthetic NPK. The microbes in EcoBooster, which include nitrifying & phosphorous releasing bacteria, work around the plant’s roots to increase the plant available nutrition to 12-5-13. This NPK level is similar to many popular, 100% synthetic fertilisers like NitroPhoska, Rustica Plus, YaraMila Comlex etc.

For farmers interested in adding carbon to their soil, EcoBooster contains 15% carbon.

EcoBooster weighs less than 100% synthetic fertilisers so it runs slower. Ideally, EcoBooster Phoska should be applied at the same rate as the synthetic fertiliser.

In this trial, the guys were super-busy and didn’t have time to recalibrate, so the 100% synthetic fertiliser was applied as base fert at a rate of 300kg/Ha while the EcoBooster Phoska was applied at approx 200kg/Ha.

The EcoBooster Phoska ran through the worm drives smoothly and both boxes on the 2 row planter emptied at the same time.
The microbe-rich, composted pellet in EcoBooster Phoska is naturally dried to 16% moisture which ensures the microbes are safe and that the box is left clean.

12-5-14 synthetic fertiliser versus EcoBooster Phoska

Two, 3Ha blocks had base fert applied at planting. The control block used a conventional 12-5-14-8 100% synthetic fertiliser at 300kg/Ha. EcoBooster Phoska contains 7-3-13-6 synthetic NPKS plus microbes that can boost available NPKS to 12-5-13-6. EcoBooster Phoska was applied at approx 200kg/Ha (about a third less than the control).

6 December, 2022:

One month after planting, there are no discernible differences in height or leaf colour between the two blocks.

100% Synthetic NPK
EcoBooster Phoska

4-month Old Cane:

The middle row and all rows to the right had EcoBooster Phoska applied as the base fertiliser. The row to the left had a standard, 100% 12-5-14 synthetic base fertiliser applied.

Four months after planting, there is no difference in colour or height of the cane.

Fertiliser Analysis: 100% Synthetic Fertiliser versus EcoBooster Phoska

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