Why it Works

The EcoBooster range of fertilisers was developed especially for commercial use in agriculture and horticulture.

EcoBooster’s blend of nitrifying and phosphorous-releasing bacteria, along with other beneficial microbes help improve the known performance of synthetic NPK. The power of the microbes and carbon-dense organic compost allows you to apply less synthetic NPK and still achieve your desired plant available nutrient levels. 

When the EcoBooster range is used as a base fertiliser, the synthetic NPK portion is used by the seed for rapid germination and plant establishment. During this period, the microbes in the compost portion activate and reproduce until they start to make more nutrients available to the plant for continued growth.

Nutrient efficiency and soil health improvements are possible with the EcoBooster range, which can lead to better plant health and disease resilience.


Reduce Input Costs

  • One-shot application allows you to reap the benefits of compost and synthetic NPK at the same time.
  • Fewer passes in your fields reducing soil compaction and machine running costs.
  • Reduces driver hours by combining compost and fertiliser applications into one job.
  • Nitrifying and phosphorous releasing bacteria enables you to achieve similar plant nutrient availability levels with less synthetic fertiliser.
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About The Organics

The composting process begins with the sourcing of controlled inputs. Based on a specific input ratio of carbon to chicken manure, the raw materials are screened and inoculated with a diverse range of microbes. These microbes kick-start the compositing process resulting in a rich composted material ready for pelletisation.

The temperature of the compost is strictly monitored to ensure that the organic compost contains the most robust and diverse microbe population. The microbes return to a latent state during the natural drying process which results in organic compost with a sweet, earthy smell. The compost is pelletised in way that beneficial organisms are not killed off allowing them to regenerate once incorporated into moist soil.

EcoBooster’s compost component is composted to Australian standards and meets the strict food safety standards used by major supermarket suppliers.

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Building Stronger Rhizospheres

A strong rhizosphere is critical to plant health and maximising profits.

The rhizosphere is the soil immediately around the plant roots. It is where the microbes that impact plant health and nutrient availability live and critical functions such as carbon and water cycling occur. Without a healthy, productive rhizosphere, above-ground growth is severely impeded.

Using organic and synthetic fertilisers is critical to building a stronger rhizosphere. Synthetic fertilisers deliver the exact, fast-acting nutrients the plant needs while organics provide the long-term fuel for those microorganisms.

EcoBooster can help you create a more self-sustaining ecosystem that can result in higher crop yields, improved physiological stress resistance, improved water uptake, and better protection against disease and drought conditions.

EcoBooster’s blend of microbe-rich organic compost and synthetic fertiliser can help you build a stronger Rhizosphere in a one-shot application.

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