An Organic-Synthetic Fertiliser Blend


A one-shot fertiliser that blends microbe-rich organics with balanced NPK.



Improves Soil Health

Made by Hybrid Fertilisers, the EcoBooster range is a blend of microbe-rich, pelletised organic compost and synthetic fertilisers. EcoBooster fertilisers result in lesser use of synthetic fertilisers to achieve the same plant available nutrients, meet sustainability goals and improve your soil health.

The EcoBooster range of fertilisers is produced by Hybrid Fertilisers and is made by Australians, for Australian conditions and to Australian standards.

How is EcoBooster different?

The EcoBooster Advantage

  • Proven blends of organic compost and synthetic fertilisers.
  • Achieve similar yields with less synthetic fertiliser.
  • Nitrifying and phosphorous releasing bacteria increase plant available nutrients.
  • Improves applied soil nutrient efficiency.
  • Adds carbon to the soil.
  • Improves soil health.
  • Helps meet reef and run off regulations.
  • Decreases leaching.
  • Safe for salt-affected soils.
  • Improves plant health & disease resilience when used as part of a soil health program.
EcoBooster Corn DSC_0743
6 EcoBooster Tomato Trials ScottUnderdown
3 EcoBooster 600kg Lettuce DSC_0566
Easy To Use

Same Application Rates.
Same Application Methods.

The EcoBooster range is ideal for use at pre-planting, planting or side dressing. The EcoBooster fertiliser range should be applied at the same rate and using the same application method as the comparable synthetic fertiliser.

Choose the right fertiliser for your program from our three blends – EcoBooster 55, EcoBooster 77 and EcoBooster Phoska. Find out more on the Product page.

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